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We invite you to have a cycling tour around the Far Eastern capital with us!

It will not require any special skills,  if you can cycle it is enough.  Go on!

Tour program (duration 2 hours):

1 day



Meeting a guide  (at Khabarovsk city ponds), rent a bike.  We will ride through 3 spectacular city ponds on  Ussuriisky boulevard toward  indoor ice rink the Platinum Arena. The Platinum Arena is  a stadium where holds hokey and volleyball matches. Also it’s a place for Russian and foreign celebrities’ shows.  Passing The Platinum Arena we will ride up to a hill and enter the Central park Dynamo.  Then through the main entrance we will ride to Karl Marks street and follow to the Lenin square with beautiful fountains. We will see the Far Eastern  State Medical University and  government building. From here we will ride through the most beautiful street Muraviev-Amurskiy toward the Komsomolskaya square. There is the Civil War heroes monument on the Komsomolskaya square. Then we will ride down to the Far Estern Art Museum. Pass the Amur riverside and will get the Glory square (on the way we will meet a monument of a writer N.Zadornov). There are the eternal flame and  the victory memorial on the Glory square. We will ride up to the Spas-preobrazhenskaya church and  the Radio studio, will enjoy a spectacular landscape. After all we will ride down through Turgeneva street to Yssuriskiy boulevard and the city ponds. Give back rental bikes.


 We can continue our tour by  Amur river cruise (1-1,5 hours, 300-500 rub. per person) or visit the Khabarovsk Regional Museum after N.I. Grodekov.

Group tour prices per person: over 3 persons: 1000 rub. + bike rent

- over 5 people: 600 rub. + bike rent
- over 10 people: 300 rub. + bike rent




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