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Tour program (duration 1 day)

1 day


Meeting a guide. Transfer to Nanai village Sikachi-Alyan (about 70 km away from Khabarovsk).

They say, Sikachi-Alyan named after Nanai word «sakachiori» that means «ask» and «alyan» - «boundary between the worlds of the living and the dead». However, village population is very alive: there are about 300 ethnic Nanaians. Mostly, people here trade in natural farming and making souvenirs.

Nanaians meet visitors with folk greeting songs accompanied by traditional music instruments. Tour around the village, acquaintance with local life and culture. Master-class in cutting fish.

Excursion  to petroglyphs (on foot/by boat/ by on snowmobile depends on weather).

Attention: it is necessary to have a comfortable shoes and warm clothes!

Petroglyphs are pictogram and logogram images created by removing part of a rock surface by incising, picking, carving, and abrading. There about 300 images such as msks, animals, выполнены рисунки масок, зверей, anthropomorphic images and birds. The oldest images dated by the Era of the early Stone Age (7-6 millennium BC). Petroglyphs of Sikachi-Alyan is a place of shamanism and a national symbol of Nanai people.

- A feature of Nizhemursky petroglyphs is their plot. Mostly these are animals. It is very interesting because soil in Far Eastern region doesn’t save skeletons  (no longer than 2 000 years). Petroglyphs say, 9-11 thousand years ago there were  flamingo tarpans, buffalo, which don’t exist in this region nowadays. Во всем мире нет аналогов таких рисунков!   There are about 13 styles of pictures:. from the Ice Age to the Middle Ages. Petroglyphs still keep their secrets hidden from understanding.

Traditional Lunch.

Master-class in national cuisine «Akoan».

Old-style Nanai, Ulchi, Udeghe dolls look very special. They are flat and look like a trapezoid cut from curried fish skin, matter, paper, or even of autumn leaves. They have no arms nor legs.

Photo shoot in national Nanai costum  with local people. An unforgettable memory of the journey to ancient times!


Group tour prices per person: 8 people –  3 800 rub.

In additional its available to stay for a night in traditional Nanai house (for 4 persons)-1 500 rub per person.

Price includes:

Extra fee:

- Tranfers;

- Tour guide;

- Traditional Lunch.

- Interpreter;

- Accommodation.







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