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To travel to Russia almost all of foreign citizens need a visa.  For foreign visitors to the city, we propose visa support. A necessary condition for entry into the Russian foreign citizen is to have a visa.

Visas types

 A single-entry visa permits ONE entry to Russia within the specified period of time.

A double-entry visa permits ONE or TWO entries to Russia within the specified period of time.

A multiple-entry visa is valid for several visits to Russia overa period of 3, 6, or 12 months.

Purpose of travel: Tourist visa,Business visa,Student visa,Private visa.

Tourist visa: Best visa type for short visits.Single or double entry visas available for a maximum stay of thirty days.(Issued on the basis of an invitation and voucher provided by an authorized Russian tourist company.)

At the invitation of registration The cost - 2500 rubles.

 For registration of a foreigner invitation for a visa to Russia you need:

-A photocopy of the first page of the passport of the invited alien.

-Information on the invited foreign citizen (name, surname, (as in foreign passport), date of birth, nationality, foreign passports number and its expiration date).

-information about a requested visa (single or multiple).

-Length of stay in the Russian Federation.

-For information about which cities in the Russian Federation will attend the invited foreign citizen.

-For information about in which a consular office of the Russian Federation abroad will obtain a visa to invite foreign citizen (country and city).

A foreign national who wishes to obtain a visa to Russia, must apply to the Russian Consulate for visa. The procedure for submission of documents is regulated directly in the representation of the Russian Federation abroad, for all the necessary information should contact them. The period during which paper is made, is different and depends on the consulate inwhich you applied.

Consulate may request the following documents:

-Proof of sufficient funds

-Tourist Invitation to Russia

-Passport (document proving the identity)

-A completed application form consulate

-Medical insurance

Upon arrival in Russia, a visa to Russia for foreigners to register.

This should be done within the first three working days in the territory of the Russian Federation. Registration takes place in the presence of the migration card with a note on crossing the border of the Russian Federation and of the identity document. Tourist Invitation for a visa for foreigners in Russia consists of two documents printed on a single sheet of A4 and issued to foreigners on hand to refer to the Russian consulate for a visa. As a rule, the majority of Russian consulates in Europe, the US and Canada to obtain a Russian visaenough copies tourist invitation sent by fax or email.However, in some cases, the consulate may request from the original Alien. In this case, we can send you the original by express mail for an additional fee.Recommended trip dates specified in the invitation, should not exceed 30 days.

To place an order is very easy:

-Make a phone call 46-11-00, 42-33-00 and leave the application manager

-Go to the office and leave the application manager

-Leave the application on our website

-Send a request by email: office@travelwheel.khv.ru

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